Hot Tub

Health and Safety Policy

To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub we request that you read through and adhere to the rules of this safety document.

We will take no responsibility for items in this policy that have been ignored.

  • We do not advise use of the hot tub during pregnancy, please contact your doctor for advice before entering the water.
  • People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection or irritating your condition.
  • Persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should not enter the hot tub without prior consultation with their doctor.
  • No children under 16 years.
  • Never use the hot tub while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure.
  • The heat of the hot tub water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness.
  • Avoid using the hot tub immediately after a heavy meal.
  • At 38-40°C, limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Do not immerse your head in the hot tub water.
  • Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub. When leaving the hot tub leg muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady.
  • No glass or sharp objects in the spa area.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances near/in the hot tub.
  • If any fault or damage occurs with the hot tub please contact us at the earliest convenient moment.
  • Shower with soap and water before and after using the hot tub. Showering before use washes away many of the common skin bacteria and removes lotions, deodorants, creams etc which reduce the effectiveness of the spa sanitizer which disinfects the water.
  • Do not sit or walk on the hot tub cover.
  • Avoid entering the hot tub water immediately after exercising as the water temperature can affect the heart rate.
  • Take care on the decking/hot tub steps as water from the tub can cause it to be slippery.
  • Do not enter the hot tub if you are allergic to any kind of chemicals.
  • If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction persists contact reception or go to a local doctor.
  • Do not turn hot tub isolation switch off as the hot tub’s power needs to be turned on to carry out the cleaning cycles.
  • Ensure no contaminants ie. bubble bath, alcohol, oils etc are placed in the water as this can upset the chemical balance of the water and can result in allergic reactions.

Please Note

You use the hot tub at your own risk. Please take care, we cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the hot tub. Surfaces may be slippery when wet. You will be held responsible for any damage and costs involved.

IMPORTANT: If the hot tub needs to be shut down due to misuse, you will incur a £50 charge to refill it.